Our premiere value is one that has stood for centuries, which is treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. This Golden Rule is aptly named as to practice it will enrich us as a company and individually.

We realize that a guiding value as a beacon before us is only as good as it is actually practiced. At Victory we will endeavor to meet the challenge of staying true to our guiding values by:

1. Treating our employees, who are truly the essence of our company, with dignity and respect realizing that it is their daily endeavors that will create our success.

2. In our interactions with others, whether vendors, distributors, or customers, we will put forth our best efforts to foster relationships built on the knowledge that Victory is willing exceed expectations.

3. As a responsible corporate citizen, Victory will seek ways to give back, reach back and lift up others with the knowledge that a stronger community benefits all.

4. We will maintain lines of communication such that no employee will feel they are without a voice. We will encourage and reward new ideas that will benefit the company.

5. We will promote an atmosphere of challenging work, coupled with with assistance and direction to develop a stronger workforce through the personal growth or our employees.

6. At Victory, we understand that producing a first rate product in every way will satisfy our customers' need for quality hydration and an enjoyable beverage experience.

With these principles guiding us, we will naturally create an atmosphere of Good Will Rising that will sustain the company for many years to come.